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We provide one-stop integrated services for the manufacture of precision plastic components including mold design and fabrication, plastic injection manufacturing, secondary-process finishing and parts assembly.

As an integrated plastic manufacturing services provider, we are able to plan and undertake the entire plastic component manufacturing process for new products launched by our customers. With our dedication and expertise in mold design and fabrication, plastic injection manufacturing and secondary-process finishing, we are also able to assist our customers in processing their products from their conceptual design to mass production quickly and economically. Our integrated manufacturing ability allows our customers to focus on other aspects of the production and marketing of their products.

We possess considerable plastic manufacturing expertise and know-how in-house and are able to provide quick and quality services to our customers, especially in high-precision mold design and fabrication. One of the strengths of our mold fabrication division is our ability to assist our customers in accurately prototyping their product concepts and in designing and manufacturing precision toolings and molds. We use advanced design software and equipment necessary for such high-precision mold fabrication. We also use some of the most advanced mold fabrication machines and plastic injection machines available in the industry. We believe our expertise and know-how in high-precision mold design and fabrication significantly shortened the lead time that is needed before mass-production and represent a significant advantage over our competitors.

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